West Coast Woman Power

Are you ready to find your true power and empower yourself?

Do you want to discover your souls purpose and create a powerful vision moving forward?

Are you ready to embrace your most Powerful Self?

Discover and embrace your souls divine power and how you can use it to live a life of purpose!

West Coast Woman Power empowers individuals, especially women, of all walks of life, to HONOUR YOUR VOICE and life story.

Develop your personal and spiritual vision of who you are and create practical skills to guide you in your journey!

I am Alexis, founder of West Coast Woman Power. As an Empowerment Coach I have many years studying amongst Indigenous Cherokee and Mayan elders mastering ancient medicine. My goal is to help you balance your spiritual, emotional and physical self. I endeavour to reveal your greatest self.

Allow your Journey of Empowerment to begin today!

“Alexis is a gift to humanity. She comes from a pure heart and true desire to be of service to others. Alexis is a true healer with a deep, profound ability to connect deeply with those who she helps. She is highly skilled in ancient teachings and helps others to become connected to their own pain and suffering. I feel blessed to have known Alexis for many years and she has been profound in helping me through my own personal journey.”
Maureen C.

Vancouver Island, BC

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The Empowerment Podcast

These podcasts are all raw unfiltered stories of both myself and people whose experiences helped shape and transform my life. Ancient wisdom from Cherokee and Mayan teachings will be shared throughout the stories to give people the opportunity to heal and grow from aspects of what they hear which resonate with them. It is through stories our soul awakens with learning with shared wisdom.

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