Alexis Taylor Middleton

A Carleton University graduate in journalism and government, I learned early ones’ voice can change a nation. Using the 9 years in traditional Mayan and Cherokee teachings, is my desire to empower one individuals’ voice at a time.

What is West Coast Woman Power?

West Coast Woman Power embraces inner stories and wisdoms of each of us along with ancient Cherokee and Mayan teachings to empower one to speak and live in their truth fearlessly and mindfully. The primary objective of West Coast Woman Power is to offer people the ability to assess and evaluate the parameters by which they are currently living in, discover whether it is working for them or not, and tailor those parameters so they may become the best of themselves ~ rewriting their story.

Empowerment comes from the knowing we all have a right to our journey and honour our life story. We all have a right to experience this life and express how we feel surrounding ourselves with people who honour our dreams, and aspirations and allow the space to freely speak is everything. 

About West Coast Woman Power

West Coast Woman Power evolved during an outing on the West Coast trail many years ago, which unearthed memories of trauma and deep suffering. It was during this uncovering within me that I resolved to begin my journey of cultivating my womanhood and embracing my empowerment from within.

These podcasts are all raw, unfiltered stories of both myself and those dear to me whose experiences helped shape and transform my life.

It is through stories our soul awakens with learning with shared wisdom.

The honour is truly mine for all those who have come before me.

We are each heroes and heroines within our story.

Nine years of traditional 5,000 year old Mayan and Cherokee teachings, and shared wisdom from others have empowered me.

This is the legacy I now pass on to you; how to empower one’s self on their life journey through stories and wisdom shared.

West Coast Woman Power is created in honour of the grandmothers first and foremost, mothers and children, the grandfathers and fathers.

Furthermore, West Coast Woman Power is intended to empower each of you with wisdom and stories because we are worthy of it.