WCWP Empowerment Podcast

These podcasts are all raw unfiltered stories of both myself and people whose experiences helped shape and transform my life. Ancient wisdom from Cherokee and Mayan teachings will be shared throughout the stories to give people the opportunity to heal and grow from aspects of what they hear which resonate with them. It is through stories our soul awakens with learning with shared wisdom.”

Unique Perspective as a Support Role to one Deeply Troubled – WCWP Empowerment Podcast Ep.5

This podcast contains subject matter some may be uncomfortable with or find offending and best heard by an adult over 19 years of age with an open mind. This Podcast offers a unique perspective honouring with grace the supportive role with non-judgment to those deeply...

Overcoming Bullying through Empowerment – WCWP Empowerment Podcast Ep.4

This podcast addresses steps to overcome bullying by recognizing your own personal power.Follow and Subscribe

Healing Your Silent Voice from Anxiety by Learning to Roar – WCWP Empowerment Podcast Ep.3

This podcast expresses valuing your life's story and journey without anxiety, or in spite of it. This is about reclaiming the power of using your voice from the shadows of silence by honouring who you are.Follow and Subscribe

Fear Through Uncertainty – WCWP Empowerment Podcast Ep.2

This podcast shares stories about overcoming your fears through self awareness. Traditional ancient wisdom is offered in embracing healing and reclaim your life.Follow and Subscribe

Empowerment Through Suffering – WCWP Empowerment Podcast Ep.1

One can become empowered by overcoming their suffering and challenges. These are shared stories that may help you heal and move forward in your life's journey.Follow and Subscribe

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