“Alexis is a rare find in this world. Her abilities to see and know what you need to heal are profound. Through her deep intuitive sight, skills, compassion and humor she has helped me heal past traumas”…”Going through one of her group sessions is like a deep loving hug. She empowers you to be the best version of yourself like no other I’ve seen before. She is an absolute wonder and leader of leaders whom I would highly recommend.”
Kim D.

Business Owner, Speaker, USA

”Alexis has an amazing, inherent ability to understand what each person needs for their own growth and development, and she helps shift energy to inspire each of us to move towards our goals. Her group Empowerment Coaching sessions create an environment of safety and support, and her kind, compassionate, nonjudgemental nature and clarity of mind and energy is a beacon of light for anyone who is struggling right now. I would emphatically recommend a group coaching session with Alexis. I promise it will be a transformative experience.”
Jackie Z.

Educator, Virginia, Usa

“I don’t even know where to start talking about West Coast Woman Power and Founder Alexis Middleton. Her passionate creative, and quality of deliverance has impact to the core. She delivers a peace and loving humble reality. Objectively and creatively a format that simply makes sense in awareness, healing and moving forward , to understand accept and welcome the next chapter with awareness and positivity. Women don’t need to pretend to be powerful they just are, and Alexis brings this forward.”

Gina & Darrell Luchuck

“Alexis is a kind and wonderful gift to humanity. Her desire to help individuals grow in clarity and personal strength and live heartfelt lives has always impressed me. She is an exceptional listener with profound insight. She can hear beyond your words and seems to know just what you are wanting clarity in. She asks pointed questions and makes sure she understands what you are having difficulty in. Alexis has a wonderful ability to assist you in sorting out emotional states and exploring what the underlying issues may be. She also brings great skill in how healing can come about whether that is by creating ceremony, or giving support and direction for the conversations that need to be had. She also offers assistance in self care practices for growing and healing.
 Furthermore, Alexis has the uncanny ability to help one sort out body pain. It feels like she can hear the body talking. She has assisted me over and over again in finding clarity, releasing pain, grief and anger in loving ways. She has great compassion and vision for humanity. In her care I’m confident you won’t be disappointed.”
Merrien L.


“Alexis is a gift to humanity. She comes from a pure heart and true desire to be of service to others. Alexis is a true healer with a deep, profound ability to connect deeply with those who she helps. She is highly skilled in ancient teachings and helps others to become connected to their own pain and suffering. I feel blessed to have known Alexis for many years and she has been profound in helping me through my own personal journey.”
Maureen C.

Vancouver Island, BC

“A Significant difference like no other. Enhances your self-awareness. WestCoastWomanPower core founder Alexis Taylor Middleton brings calm, gives understanding, clarity to oneself, supports to view more deeper complex deep-rooted, life challenges. What are you waiting for? You are in good hands.”

Gina Marling

Nurse and Entrepreneur, BC, Canada

“Over the many years I have known and worked with Alexis, her ability to hone in on whatever issue was impeding my forward progress in life has always been spot on.  She brings with her many years of studying the body, the mind and the spirit, informing her capacity to direct and guide me through the pitfalls of my own thought process, and life in general. Alexis brings a tremendous amount of compassion, caring and clarity to each one-on-one session….and every single interaction she has with others in her life. I cannot recommend working with her more highly…give yourself the gift of the wisdom and caring Alexis offers in every session…you will be forever changed by this work!”
Shari S.

Doylestown, PA, USA

“I have found myself many times in her (Alexis’s) presence in times of personal weakness. I have been blessed with the spiritual and general livelihood advice and empowerment from her. In my times of need I am met with nothing but kind words and wisdom from lived experiences and years of training and teachings. In personal and professional ways my life has been so positively impacted by her input. I find myself currently seeking comfort in reaching out to Alexis at a vulnerable time following the passing of my aunt. Alexis had worked with my aunt through her cancer battle and has provided our family with strengths we didn’t know we had and the perspective to change our seemingly hopeless outlooks to provide the care and emotional support to properly aide my aunt in her end of life journey. I have endless appreciation and love for her compassion and wide variety of accomplishments she brings to the table her inspire and encourage others.”
Madison D.

Medical Officer Administrator, BC, Canada

“A woman intelligent, wise with the ancient teachings and a heart of gold. Her time is now. The world is priviledged to hear her stories shared to all with truth passion and healing.”
Douglas V.

Retired, BC, Canada